Jackie has Fun with Food
Jackie the Angel and Doowee Dolphin had been playing for a long time. Jackie was getting over a broken wing and was no match for Doowee who could play and play and play some more. He could swim to the Arctic Circle just to get some ice for a snow cone. In fact, that's what he suggested to Jackie.

"How about you hop on my back and we swim to Alaska together?" Doowee asked Jackie.

"That's sounds too far and too cold! Besides, what if I'm needed as an angel? I'm supposed to be here to help! Sorry!"

"Okay," agreed Doowee. "I'll swim north to the Polar Circle and see if I can make it to the North Pole for some really cool snow cones."

"Oh, and do see whether you can bring back a penguin!" said Jackie. "I would so like to play with a penguin."

"Penguins live on the South Pole, not the North!" exclaimed Doowee with a swift kick of his tail. "Some penguins live in tropical waters like us," he added.

Jackie soared around Doowee as best she could. "I know that! I met Penny Penguin and the Flying Penguini Brothers when they came to perform for all the sea creatures. They were awesome."

"Yeah, it's almost as if they fly through the water. Speaking of which, I had better be going. Ciao for now!" And off Doowee went, the fastest swimmer in the world. Jackie the Angel looked down in awe and wonder at Doowee's grace as a swimmer.

Jackie felt a little useless with a broken wing and no knowledge of how to make a snow cone or any other food for that matter. She knew enough to eat a coconut or a banana but that's it. "I have an idea," thought Jackie. "I'll cook for Doowee while he swims for snow cones so he can have really healthy food."

Jackie found a little shack on the beach complete with stove, refrigerator, and food. Who could resist? Jackie went to work to make lots of food for Doowee for his return. It would be a surprise. Since Jackie had no idea how to cook, she decided to be creative.

First, she made asparagus ice cream. Then she made peach pasta with green spaghetti sauce. Then she made lima bean bread. When Doowee returned with two snow cones, Jackie surprised him. She took the food out to him on the beach's shoreline.

As he presented her with a snow cone, he asked, "What's this?"

Jackie smiled proudly. "Peach pasta with green spaghetti sauce, lima bean bread, and asparagus ice cream. I was going to make brussel sprout salad but you returned so quickly from the Arctic!"

Doowee was stunned. He didn't know what to say. The last thing in the world he wanted to eat was lima bean bread or asparagus ice cream. And peach pasta? Yick!

Just then, Jasper the Seagull flew over and said, "What's that delicious smell?" Jackie beamed as only angels can. "I cooked and there's plenty for you, too!"

Doowee used his mouth to hand the platter of food to Jasper so fast that Jasper almost dropped it. "This looks delicious!"

"It's all yours. After all, I have a snow cone," said Doowee. Jasper wolfed down the food because seagulls like every kind of food there is. Jackie didn't eat because angels don't need to. Jackie was feeling a little better now about being needed even if she was getting well from a broken wing.

She decided that friendship was a tricky thing. Sometimes you might try to do something nice and it ends up being nicer for someone else! Jackie planted a kiss on Doowee and Jasper and flew back to the but to think of more creative dishes to cook!

If you could cook anything at all, what you would make?

Happy skies from Jackie the Angel and all her friends.




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