Jackie Meets an Angel from the Sea
Once upon a time lived a new angel. She had just gotten her wings and wanted to take them out for a spin. Jackie was so proud to have earned her wings and especially couldn't wait to fly and have fun with them. So, off she flew through the blue skies. "This is great," she exclaimed with much excitement as she stretched her wings and flapped them up and down, cruising through cloudless skies with wonderment and awe.

Jackie looked below and saw a teenage woman driving a speedboat through the ocean waters. "Wow! That looks fun!" thought Jackie. So, she lowered herself into the boat knowing that the driver of the boat was too busy navigating to see Jackie the Angel.

But something went wrong. The boat tipped over and the teenager and Jackie went splashing hard into the sea. "Sharks!" thought Jackie. Before the teenage girl could even notice Jackie, she had righted the boat and sped away leaving Jackie to flap her wings desperately. Jackie couldn't get her wings high enough to dry them! Jackie was in a pickle. And the pickle was the ocean!

Just then, Doowee Dolphin swam up and announced himself. "Hi! I'm Doowee Dolphin, the fastest swimmer in the sea. Hang on to me." So Jackie did just that.

Doowee swam Jackie into the shore and said, " I have to go now. My band, the Doowettes has a doo-wop music concert tonight and we have to practice. I do hope you will be all right. Just hang tight."

Jackie thanked Doowee for the ride. "Thank you, Doowee Dolphin, you saved my afterlife." She climbed onto the sandy shore and waved goodbye with her wet wings, which still needed drying off. "Oh my," she cried out, "If I stay here I'll surely get sand in my wings!" So Jackie dragged her wet wings along the beach until she found a patch of peaceful looking green grass.

Jackie sat down in the warm sun to dry her wings. At last, they were dry and she was ready top fly. But, when Jackie went to move, she was stuck! Unfortunately, she had sat her left wing on some chewing gum and it had stuck her to the ground! Jackie cried out to a nearby bird. "Mr. Seagull. Please fly over here and help me. My wing is stuck with chewing gum."

"But if I help you," protested Mr. Seagull, "Then my beak will be stuck and I won't be able to eat or sing or anything!" Jackie reassured him. "If you unstick me with your beak, I will take off the gum and we can fly together!"

Mr. Seagull had never flown with an angel before, so he helped Jackie with the chewing gum and got it all off her wings with his beak. When Mr. Seagull went to tell her he was finished, he couldn't talk because his beak was all full of gum! Jackie took it off with her graceful fingers and then asked Mr. Seagull his name. "Jasper" he answered with a beak that would now open and close nicely.

Jackie smiled her sweetest angelic smile and headed off into the sky with her new friend, Jasper. But not before she flew far and wide to find Doowee Dolphin. She found him sipping a smelt smoothie from a coconut shell at his band's concert rehearsal. She flapped her wings as she flew past. Doowee waved goodbye with his dorsal fin and Jasper and Jackie flew off.

Angels are wonderful friends to have and sometimes they need our friendship as much as we need theirs!




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