Jackie the Angel Makes a Name for Herself
Jackie loved being an angel. She could soar through masses of pink marshmallow clouds that felt warm and cuddly embracing her angel identity or she could soar to a cruise ship looking for someone to help or to a bustling city where a lot of people needed her help!

After Jackie had been busy having fun with her best friend, Doowee Dolphin, who she called her "angel in the sea" and Jasper the Seagull who she called "the bird who will eat anything." She felt now was a good time to say goodbye and head for the bright lights of the big city where she might find more angelic work to do.

When she arrived, she got a feel for the fast paced city life quickly as a loud noise made her cover her ears. It was the sound of a siren. Jackie watched a big truck pull out of a garage and into the streets, alarm sounding, lights flashing. Then she saw it. A fire. Men and women jumped off the truck and ran with long hoses that squirted water onto the flames. People ran out of the building. It was so smoky Jackie could hardly see anything.

Jackie flapped her wings to send the smoke away when she saw people coughing who had been caught in the smoke. As they started to breathe again, Jackie realized she had played a part in saving these people. She heard them talk about the bravery of the firefighters.

"I guess that makes me a smoke angel!" said Jackie, full of pride that her small contribution helped make a difference in the big city.

Ta to from Jackie the Angel.




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