Mimi the Pink Gorilla
Jackie the Angel hated not being seen. That's because most angels are invisible. But if you could see her she would be pure golden light, with new wings as white as pure and fresh snow itself.

But no one could see Jackie because she is a child angel and hasn't learned to make herself seen. That's a special trick that angels can only learn with practice. "Ah, well" thought Jackie. "It's a beautiful day and I think I'll enjoy it anyway!"

So with that, Jackie started swooping around and down through the clouds. She loved the way the wind felt on her wings. She felt as big as the sky and as happy as an angel can be which is happy and full of love.

Jackie soared down close to the ground. "What?! What is that?!" she startled as something bold and bright and pink caught her eye.

She flew closer. It was an animal. She flew closer yet. "Oh, my gosh. It looks like a pink gorilla! It is a pink gorilla." Jackie the angel screeched her wings to a halt right in the front of the pink gorilla. The pink gorilla didn't move.

"Are you a pink gorilla?" she asked. Since the gorilla couldn't see Jackie the Angel nor hear her, the gorilla said nothing, just ate a banana like a regular gorilla who just happened to be pink.

Jackie looked around. No one else (in the human realm) seemed to be looking in the direction of the pink gorilla. "Aha!" exclaimed Jackie, "No one sees you either. Are you an angel, too? A pink gorilla angel?" The pink gorilla did not reply. "I guess you're not an angel, then."

Jackie the Angel put her wings in reverse and did an upside down spiral around the gorilla. Still nothing. The gorilla just crunched on some leaves now that it had finished the banana. But Jackie's curiosity could not be ignored. She took flight and canvassed the area. "This could be a zoo." I think a man's uniform looks like a zoo-keeper's. Excuse me, sir, but is this a zoo? Like with animals? Pink ones?"

But the zoo-keeper could not hear Jackie the Angel and just kept pushing his broom along animal food pellets he had just poured out.

Advanced angels learn to handle frustration. But Jackie is still new to the job, as you know, so she didn't know what to do other than shake a coconut tree. It doesn't seem like a very good way to find out if a pink gorilla is real or not but Jackie was very confused. Jackie flew over to a nearby coconut tree and landed on the tippy tippy top of the tree which was bald as a bald eagle all the way to the top of the tree where huge palm fronds spread out like angel wings into a perfect nesting place. Jackie took a big breath and tried to do some thinking up there.

But then, coconuts' started falling like stars, only more and all over the place. One nearly hit the zoo-keeper in the head and another one was heading right for the pink gorilla when the zoo-keeper ran to the pink gorilla calling, "Mimi Mimi. Watch out!"

It was then that Jackie learned the gorilla's name was Mimi and even if she was pink and Jackie had nearly conked her square on the head, Jackie knew to check on Mimi the Pink Gorilla and the zoo-keeper.

Mimi was okay. She slowly munched a banana, which was yellow next to her pink fur. But the coconut tree didn't stop shaking. It just shook and shook and coconuts were falling everywhere! Jackie flew to the tree and held it steady with her wings and overheard two monkeys. "Hey," one said. "That was fun. What happened, Ditzy?"

"I don't know Glitzy. One moment we were shaking the tree and the coconuts were falling down and we were having monkey fun and the next thing I knew we weren't."

Jackie hollered, "Don't throw coconuts!" but the monkeys couldn't hear her. So, she took some of Mimi's bananas and flew them up to the monkeys in the tree who soon took to eating and forgot all about sending coconuts flying through the air. As Glitzy and Ditzy looked down at the pink gorilla and zoo-keeper, they forgot all about the coconuts.

Jackie felt good in her job being well done in saving the zoo-keeper and Mimi the Pink Gorilla from being hit by coconuts. She decided that even if the gorilla or zoo-keper couldn't see her to say, "Thank you,"

She knew she had done the right thing. And that feels as good for angels as humans of any age or color!




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