Mountain Magic
A huge green mountain sat smack in the middle of an island near where Doowee Dolphin swam. Jackie wanted to play with Doowee and learn some smooth dolphin moves.

After the two played awhile and Jackie told Doowee, "I love playing with you," Doowee stopped his squeaks and whistles and said quietly, "If only I could fly through the sky." Jackie came down slowly and lowered herself onto Doowee's back.

"Being an angel is a big responsibility. I have to take care of people who are sometimes a whole lot older than me."

"I would do that too, if I could fly!" exclaimed Doowee. Jackie just laughed. The two of them both loved having fun so much!

The sun was bright and shining and Jackie's wings shone in the sunlight brighter than a new copper penny. She felt good. She dove and flipped and tried some more of the twists and turns her best friend Doowee Dolphin had taught her. Dolphins and angels are similar in that they can move with grace and beauty. Skill helps too.

Just when Jackie thought she would bank right, she banked left, and hit her left wing on the mountain top. "Ouch!" she cried, but Doowee couldn't hear her over the strong tradewinds that were blowing loudly over the mountains and meadows. Jackie hit the ground and her left wing snapped in two! "Oh no," she cried, "I'm a terrible angel. What kind of angel breaks her wings?"

Just then, Jasper the Seagull flew by and stopped when he saw the fallen Jackie. "Jasper! Look at my wing! I can't be an angel anymore!" "Why not?" asked Jasper.

"Because angels need to fly and I can't fly!"

"Oh, Jackie," said Jasper, "We birds hurt our wings and they get better and we fly again. For now, you'll have to be an angel on earth." Jasper tended Jackie's wing while she thought about his words. "For a change, think what you can do from where you are standing."

Jackie looked down and saw a worm struggling to climb over a log. She helped the bug down the other side. Then she saw a spider trying to weave its web in the strong winds and she shielded the spider with her good wing while she finished her web.

"See?" said Jasper.

Together, Jasper and Jackie went down to the water. Doowee swam up to the shoreline. "Hey, Jackie! Could you reach that ball for me that washed up on shore? I can't reach it."

"Sure!" Jackie threw the ball back to Doowee knowing she could still be an angel when she couldn't fly. They played toss for awhile and then Keep Away as Jasper tried to get the ball.

The day just got better and better and by the end of the day, Jackie felt she was ready to fly again. She tried it and her wings worked perfectly!

How was your day? Did you make time to play?

Love from Jackie the Angel.




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